Мы верим, что есть свобода, пока жива мечта! (с)
Artist: Scorpions Album: Humanity Hour 1 Song: Love Will Keep Us Alive Tabbed by: Gmaster / azz_amit this is the best ballad in this album, cuz this song vey relax to hear. the chords are standard chords,standard tuning, without distortion (on the rhythm gtr…;) enjoy it… riff e|—-|—-|——————–|——————|—|——————| B|—-|—-|—10-8-6-10-8——|——————|—|—10-8h10-6-10-8~| G|-7~-|—-|-7————–9-5~|—5-10-7h9-7-5-7~|—|-7—————-| D|—-|—-|——————–|——————|—|——————| A|—-|—-|——————–|——————|—|——————| E|—-|—-|——————–|——————|—|——————| Dm Bb [...]